Why Gentle Hands

We are professionals in managing quality service, which caters for a wide range of care needs, from companionship and light household duties, through to severe dementia and end of life care.

How can we help you?

Our Staff

We have an excellent team of male and female highly skilled, professional support workers from a range of multicultural backgrounds with varied levels of experience and expertise to look after you or your loved ones. All support workers undergo continuous training and development to keep their skills up to date and ensure that we deliver the highest quality of service to you.

Staff qualifications range from NVQ / Diplomas 2 / 3 in Health and Social Care to relatively new workers to the sector. They have gone through all mandatory training and specialised training in different areas including dementia, epilepsy, peg feeding, colostomy.

Our staff also undergo specialist training on children services thus equipping them to deal with children at their levels of need and to raise awareness when required.

We have an experienced team on hand to take your calls, arrange home visits, and respond to all your care needs.

Your Carer

We recognise that your carer is somebody with whom you could form a special relationship, so for this reason we take great care to work with you to select carers with the appropriate skills that you will be comfortable with. You are free to ask for a change of carer at any time.

We provide flexible working arrangements to suit individual care worker’s needs. This enables us to provide continuity to our clients.

How We Deliver the Care Service

The process of developing a Plan of Care to look after you begins when you approach us to see if we can provide the care you need. Trained staff will visit you at your home to assess you and determine what your needs are. At the same time, we perform a simple assessment of your home environment to identify any areas of undue risk to you. From this we develop your personal Care Plan. This Care Plan is continuously reviewed and changed to make sure that it continues to meet your needs. Your personal carer is then assigned with your full consent.


Our Care Staff are all bound by a Code of Conduct which includes preserving the confidentiality of any information that you divulge to us. We will not actively seek confidential information from you unless we feel that it is in your best interest to do so, i.e. to enable us to prepare a better Care Plan for you. If we are privy to such information, we undertake not to disclose any of it to an unauthorised third party without your express permission, except in an emergency or crisis. When this happens, we will always keep you informed of any discussions that have taken place and this will be recorded in your care records to which you may have access at any time.

Insurance Issues

Our Agency is fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. This means that our staff are insured when they come and visit you. However, this only applies when we visit you and we do recommend that you maintain your own insurance policies on your home and possessions in the normal way.